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How to assemble the drive shaft assembly when it is dismantled
发布时间:2020.06.26 新闻来源:邢台澳门太阳集团2007am有限公司

The drive shaft assembly shall be assembled according to the following steps during overhaul and maintenance, and the analysis is as follows:

1. With spline expansion joint transmission shaft assembly, after disassembly to ensure that the spline spline joint on the paint arrow (or steel arrow) and spline hub on the paint arrow (or steel arrow) into the corresponding load, and ensure that the two disk universal joint cross axis coplane.

2. When replacing the drive shaft assembly, replace all locking bolts (qualified 10.9 class) and nuts (qualified 10 class) with new ones. The torque wrench is used to calibrate the torque when tightening.

The drive shaft shall be bolted with M14*1.5. The tightening torque of the bolts shall be within the range of 260-280N.m. When the torque of the bolt is less than the specified value, the bolts of the transmission shaft will become loose.

3. During assembly after disassembly and inspection of the middle drive shaft assembly, clean the glue powder and grease on the thread surface of the connecting bolt, nut and the middle spline joint, and apply the thread anti-loosen glue on the thread part, then screw in and tighten the screw. The locking moment is 500 ~ 600N.m, and put it into operation after 24 hours. When the intermediate shaft is installed on the beam hanging plate of the frame, it should be ensured that the intermediate shaft hanger is perpendicular to the axis of the transmission shaft.

4. During the disassembly and installation of the intermediate support hanger, the rubber gasket ring shall be located in the center of the U-shaped hanger without distortion, and shall be locked when the rubber gasket ring is perpendicular to the assembly axis, and the fastening torque of the bolts fastening the intermediate support shall be 120 ~ 160n.m.

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