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Car maintenance
发布时间:2020.01.13 新闻来源:邢台澳门太阳集团2007am有限公司

Today we will introduce the car maintenance:


1. Inspect the appearance of the contents of daily maintenance. Look around the car to see if there is any damage to the lighting device, whether the body is tilted, whether there is any oil leakage, water leakage, etc. Check the appearance of the tires; Check the condition of doors, engine cover, hatchcover and glass. The signal device checks the ignition switch key (do not start the engine), checks the lighting of alarm lights and indicator lights, starts the engine to check whether the alarm lights are off normally and whether the indicator lights are still on. Fuel inspection check the indicator on the fuel gauge to replenish fuel.

2. Weekly maintenance contents: tire pressure check, adjust tire pressure and clean up sundries on tires. Don't forget to check the spare tire. Engine and all kinds of oil to check the engine parts of the fixed situation, check the engine joint surface oil leakage, water leakage; Check and adjust belt tightness; Check the fixed condition of pipeline and wire in each part; Check and replenish oil; Check for additional coolant; Check for rehydration; Check and replenish power steering oil; Clean the exterior of the radiator; Add windscreen cleaning fluid, etc. Clean the inside of the car, clean the outside of the car.

3. Monthly internal and external maintenance inspection patrol cars, check the damage of bulbs and lampshades; Check the fixed condition of body accessories; Check the condition of the rearview mirror. Check the tire wear, clean the luggage compartment; Close to the tire wear mark should change the tire, check the tire has no bulge, abnormal wear, aging cracks and hard damage and other conditions. Clean and wax thoroughly sweep the interior of the car; Clean the exterior of the water tank. The exterior of the oil radiator and the exterior of the air conditioner radiator. Chassis inspection chassis has the phenomenon of oil leakage, found traces of oil leakage, should check the gear oil content of each assembly and carry out appropriate replenishment, on the chassis of all the grease nozzle for adequate grease operation. Other details repeat weekly maintenance content.

4. Clean the outside of the internal engine every half a year, and pay attention to the waterproof treatment of the electrical part. If the electrical part of the request for higher waterproof, should avoid using high pressure, high temperature water gun to wash the engine, can use brush with cleaning agent to clean the engine appearance.


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