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Safe Operation of coupling
发布时间:2020.01.06 新闻来源:邢台澳门太阳集团2007am有限公司
The coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each movement mechanism, it has the direct influence to each movement mechanism's normal operation, therefore, when using must pay attention: 1 The coupling does not allow to have exceeds the stipulation axis line to be askew and the radial displacement, so as not to affect the transmission. 2 The bolts of the coupling shall not be loose or defective. Gear coupling and Cross slider coupling to regular lubrication, General 2 ~ 3 months plus grease once, so as to avoid gear teeth severe wear, causing serious consequences. 4 The tooth width contact length of the gear coupling shall not be less than 70% and its axial movement shall not be greater than 5 mm M. 5 coupling does not allow the existence of cracks, if there are cracks to replace the hammer can be used to knock, according to the sound judgment. The keys of the coupling shall be tightly fitted and shall not be loosened. 7 gear coupling tooth thickness wear, on the lifting mechanism more than 15% of the original tooth thickness, on the operating mechanism more than 25% should be scrapped, broken teeth should also be scrapped. The elastic ring of the pin coupling and the seal ring of the gear coupling should be replaced in time if there is damage or aging.
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